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Worship at Westbury Baptist Church

Sundays at 11 am

What are the worship services like?

Our worship services last about 65 minutes.   We sing a variety of hymns and worship songs, collect a voluntary offering from members, and have a message from the Bible. Currently, we have one collaborative/”blended” worship service at 10:45. Music in our worship of God includes a mix of classic and modern hymns as well as contemporary songs, led by our choir, other vocalists, and accompanied by a rotation of talented musicians. At times we sing with a piano and organ, while at other times we sing with our jazz band, with our worship band, or with the Westbury Trio (piano, bass, drums).

Where will my kids go during worship?

We have a nursery for children who are three years and younger—located in the Children’s Building, next door to our sanctuary. Kids who are four through Kindergarten age can leave the worship service right before the preacher’s message—for their own special worship time called Kids’ Praise, also in the Children’s Building. If you would like to see our facilities or ask any questions, please contact our Minister to Children, Hope McNeil, at 713-723-6428, or send an email to hopemcneil@wbchouston.org.

In a nutshell, what is your philosophy of worship?

The more “down to earth” way to ask this question is: “Why do we do what we do in worship?” Perhaps it is best to first ask, “Why do we worship?” Because we cannot help worshiping! Because God is and because of who God is and because of what God has done and is doing and will do, a response is called for from us to God—our worship. We believe God has offered himself to everyone in a personal relationship through Jesus Christ. We believe that God is love and that He offers love and grace to all. This draws out from within us a response. God is worthy of our worship. God is worthy of our love, our devotion, and the offerings of our time, our gifts, our wills, and our very lives.

Our worship of God at Westbury is a significant part of our community life at Westbury.   We believe that we are a family of God, which means that our worship of God is inclusive of people of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. Diversity is a part of being a community, especially in the family of God. We believe that God wills and calls us to be one body of believers with Christ as the head. Because of this, we strive to do a variety of musical styles in our worship of God each Sunday, which is true to our heritage and traditions as well as today’s context and values. We are blessed to have a variety of wonderfully talented musicians and resources that are a part of our worship gatherings.