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Music and Worship Ministry

Children's Choirs: All Creation Sings


Our purpose and mission are to help children grow musically, spiritually, and socially.  More importantly, our goal is to help them experience the love of God through loving directors and teachers and through wonderful and beautiful songs with texts that internalize Biblical truths into children’s minds and souls.

The Westbury Music Ministry provides the following upstairs
in the Children's Building during the school year:

          Treble Makers - Preschool and Kindergarten, Room A-200
                                 (ages 4 by 9/1/2016 to Kindergarten)

          Music Makers -  Grades 1-2, Room A-217

          Young Musicians - grades 3-5, Room A-210

Parents and supporters can stay connected by joining and checking out Children's Choirs' Facebook group: Growing @ WBC

If you have any questions, contact Kyle Damron in the music office at 713.723.6428 Ext. 303 or Tronie Gunn at tc_gunn@hotmail.com.