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McNamara School Adoption

Ministry Report

By Pastor Jeff Berger

Near the end of our first academic year on the McNamara campus,
I wrote this report for our church newsletter, The Westbury Word.

  • Over 70 volunteers worked to beautify the campus exterior just before the start of school in August.

  • We sent over 20 volunteers to the Fall Festival that raised funds
    for McNamara.

  • We sent volunteer readers to classrooms on campus the week of their 50th anniversary.

  • Using our designated McNamara fund, we've helped families buy uniforms for their kids, helped fill backpacks with Christmas gifts for third graders, and helped two families who lost their homes in Hurricane Ike.

  • Sunday School departments have sent cookies to the office to encourage teachers, and donated money to fund Mr. Renfro's "Smiley Face Program," which helps campus discipline by rewarding good behavior.

  • Several volunteers served as chaperones for the student trip to the Rodeo.

  • I've joined the school's Shared Decision-Making Committee which meets once a month.  This helps keep me informed about what's going on at the campus.

  • We now have a great group of volunteers helping out on campus weekly.  Some are helping individual students work on problem areas in their learning.  Others are volunteering in the office or library.  When I go to my SDMC meetings, the teachers there continually tell me that they love their Westbury volunteers!  And the volunteers send me great stories of the progress they see students making.

  • Our ladies, led by our Heart to Hand Bible study leaders, made gift bags for all the teachers.

  • I've begun meeting weekly with Mrs. Chenier and a group of teachers for prayer before school each Tuesday morning.

  • About a dozen volunteers cleaned an outside science area.

But this brief report doesn't tell the real story.  That can only be seen when you visit McNamara.  There you see Mrs. Chenier and her staff, who do a great job with the heart of people who truly want to change the world through helping kids.  You meet Porter Renfro, who coordinates volunteer work at the school, full of energy, joy and the passion of a man who loves kids like our Lord does.  You meet boys and girls who are grateful for the help and attention they get from our volunteers.  You see the wall display thanking WBC, including pictures of several of our members.  And you know that the Spirit of God is in that place, touching children and families with His amazing love, calling them to a life more abundant. 

After I wrote this report, I had the privilege of speaking at McNamara's 4th and 5th grade promotion ceremonies.  That day, I learned that McNamara had achieved "Recognized" status according to the State of Texas.  Just a few years ago, the school was designated "Unacceptable," so that is quite an accomplishment!  We hope to see more great things happen as we continue to minister on this campus.