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McNamara School Adoption

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on the McNamara Elementary School Adoption.


In the Summer of 2008, WBC was looking for a way to expand our outreach to the community.  We chose to adopt a local elementary school.  Our pastor met with Tiffany Chenier, principal of Ila McNamara Elementary, and found that the school had many needs that we could help meet.  McNamara is less than two miles from our church.  They have a great faculty, but very low parental involvement.  Just before the start of school that August, we held a work day on the McNamara campus, with over 50 WBC members working to beautify the school grounds.  In that academic year, we ministered to the students, teachers and parents of McNamara in many ways (see below), and received a blessing ourselves!  Our ministry on the campus continues.


  1. We want to help the faculty and staff at McNamara Elementary in their mission to prepare children of our community for successful and productive lives.
  2. We want to minister to students, teachers, staff and their families in the name of Christ.  Our ultimate goal is that, as we minister to the McNamara family, people will see that there is a God who loves them.
  3. We want to discover new ways to become a more outwardly focused, missional church, as we give our own members opportunities to minister to people outside our church family.

How Can I Help?

  1. Weekly volunteer opportunities. 
    WBC members serve weekly on campus as tutors, mentors, volunteer teacher aides, and volunteer office staff.
  2. Occasional volunteer opportunities.  
    There are occasional opportunities to serve
    as a chaperone on a field trip or on-campus event, or to help out with fundraising festivals
    or other events.  
  3. Campus beautification projects.
    WBC schedules occasional workdays on the McNamara campus to complete projects requested by Mrs. Chenier.
  4. Giving to our McNamara Elementary fund.  
    We have a designated fund that we use to support the beautification projects, to help underprivileged families afford school uniforms, and to enable our staff to minister to the McNamara family in various other ways.
  5. Prayer.  
    This is the most important opportunity of all.   McNamara Elementary needs our prayers.   Subscribe to the pastor's weekly email list
    (A Word From Jeff) and you'll get regular reports on needs at the campus.   Take regular time to pray for Mrs. Chenier and her faculty and staff.   Prayer walk the campus some time.   Consider "adopting" a particular class or teacher on campus and pray regularly for them.   The possibilities are endless.
  6. You name it!  
    We are always looking to expand our ministry to the McNamara family.   If you have an idea for a way we could show the love of Christ on that campus, please speak to our pastor